Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We took the road less traveled......

Some of the gang waiting in the Prague hotel lobby for the bus to the train station.

Good morning, America –

As you slept last night, The Augustana Choir arrived in Krakow, Poland via overnight train from Prague.  Thirteen alumni/friends boarded Polish Airways LOT flights from Prague to Warsaw and on to Krakow, arriving in the snow at 12:15 a.m. this morning…so who had the better deal…those flying or those training?   Hmmmm.  The jury is still out on that one.  

Drs Nesheim and Johnson
The train was reported to be bumpy, but fun.  (For most).  The flights were smooth and comfy, but lucky to land in Krakow due to heavy ice and snow in the city.  Most of the earlier flights of the day had been cancelled.  The important thing is that we are ALL here, and the group has just left for Auschwitz.  Your editor has stayed behind to catch up on paperwork, the blog AND some sleep.  There are advantages to being older – few and far between, but there are some! 

I’m sure Facebook is full of photos from the students’ completely free day yesterday in Prague, and from the bags they dragged into the hotel this morning, it would appear to me that shopping was among their activities!  I’m also aware that many chose to visit the “Museum on Communism” as well as the Dali exhibit and other sites.  Dr.’s Nesheim, Johnson and I took a tour of the “Municipal House” built during the Art Nuveou period and home to the Prague Symphony Orchestra.  It’s a might fine building and some pictures are shown below.

So, short on news today, but long on some photos.  Hope you enjoy them.  

Marionnette named Russ Svenningsen
Marionette Doctors.....

Couldn't resist.  What a face!

Check it out....SUN....for about fifteen minutes.

Meeting Room in Municipal House

Detail of artwork

"The Fun People" await the connection in Warsaw for Krakow.  11:00 p.m. and still "with it!"

Are you sure we are in Poland?  Looks like Siberia to us!